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If You Drink Bottled Water, Chances Are You Need a Fluoride Toothpaste

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Whether if it’s because of the taste, the thought of it being unfiltered, or some other reason, tap water doesn’t do it for some people. And that’s your choice! If you opt to drink bottled water, you’re staying just as hydrated as you would from the same water out of the tap — but your teeth may actually be vulnerable. Why? Most bottled water doesn’t have any fluoride in it.

Tap Water Has Fluoride

Water that comes out of the tap has fluoride in it, explains Dr. Richard Liebman, DMD, dentist in White Plains, NY. And research studies for years have proven there are multiple benefits of fluoride, including things like strong teeth and the reduction of cavities. “Natural fluoride is found in tap water but might not reach the optimal level for an individual to receive benefits from it,” explains Dr. Liebman. In these cases, community water fluoridation — which adds the correct amount of fluoride to the local drinking water to prevent cavities — is recommended by public health, medical, and dental organizations, including the American Dental Association. And yes, fluoride — in the very small amount that is consumed via treated water — is safe to drink.

Bottled Water Doesn’t Contain Optimal Fluoride

Most bottled waters do not contain an optimal level of fluoride, and some brands don’t contain any. “Most bottled water goes through a process of purification,” explains Dr. Liebman, and during that process, a lot of fluoride is removed. Translation: You might not be getting the fluoride needed to prevent cavities, which could possibly mean more money spent down the road on dental issues.

Why You Need Fluoride

Fluoride helps prevent cavities and remineralizes enamel, explains Dr. Liebman. When you use fluoride, “your enamel will become more resilient to acid. If you don’t get enough fluoride, you are more prone to tooth decay.”

Don’t want to give up your bottled water but also don’t want your teeth to suffer? Lucky for you, by choosing toothpaste with fluoride in it, you can supplement the lack of it in your H2O, explains Dr. Liebman. A good option: brushing twice daily with parodontax Complete Protection, a stannous fluoride and antigingivitis toothpaste that helps promote healthy gums and strong teeth.

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