What Causes Swollen Gums?

Swollen gums can be uncomfortable and may be a sign of gum disease. But what causes them?

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While healthy gums are pink and firm, swollen gums (also referred to as inflamed gums) tend to be red and puffy. They are often one of the early symptoms of gum disease.

The most common cause of swollen gums is plaque buildup around your teeth. It tends to develop when food particles linger in the mouth.

Unless the plaque is removed (usually by brushing and flossing), it can cause swollen gums around the tooth. This inflammation may lead to more serious problems like periodontitis.

There are other causes of swollen gums too, so it’s important to talk to your dentist if you have any concerns.

Treatment for Swollen Gums

Aside from regular check-ups with your dentist, there are several things you can do to remove plaque and treat swollen gums.

Toothbrush Bristles parodontax Icon

Use a soft round-bristled toothbrush with a small head

Pay careful attention to the space where the gums and teeth meet.

Floss parodontax Icon

Floss or use interdental brushes

They help remove plaque from difficult to reach areas, like between your teeth.

Parodontax Clean Mint Toothpaste Main

Brush with parodontaxTM daily fluoride toothpaste

parodontax™ is 40% more effective at reducing bleeding gums than a sodium monofluorophosphate toothpaste.* Decreasing the build-up of plaque along the gum line helps to keep gums healthy.

Adopting a good daily oral health routine will help you remove plaque and treat swollen gums.

*after 24 weeks with a professional cleaning

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