Healthy gums provide a foundation for strong teeth. Often, people choose a toothpaste because it promises to keep their teeth strong, white and clean—but caring for your gums is just as important. This is especially true if you see occasional traces of blood when you brush, since it could be an early sign of gum disease.


parodontax™ Complete Protection gives you 8 benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth, combining our anti-gingivitis toothpaste with what you need to help keep your teeth strong.

8 Benefits That Go Beyond Regular Toothpaste**

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1. Gently Whitens Teeth

By gently removing surface stains, parodontax™ Complete Protection helps to restore teeth to their natural whiteness.

2. Deep Cleans

With a formulation that contains stannous fluoride, parodontax™ Complete Protection removes 3x more plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums*—helping to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy.

3. Strengthens Enamel

Tooth enamel is the hard outer layer of your teeth. It helps keep your teeth white and protects against tooth decay. But acids in everyday foods and drinks can wear away your enamel. parodontax™ Complete Protection contains stannous fluoride, which helps to keep enamel strong while also helping to repair damage.

4. Freshens Breath

Bacteria within plaque can also contribute to bad breath, which is also known as halitosis. Brushing twice a day with parodontax™ Complete Protection removes more plaque than a regular toothpaste,* and its minty flavor helps to keep breath fresh.

5. Helps Keep Gum Seal Tight

A buildup of plaque bacteria can cause bleeding gums. parodontax™ Complete Protection toothpaste targets the buildup of plaque bacteria along the gum line, helping to keep the seal between your gums and teeth tight.

6. Helps Reduce Red and Inflamed Gums 

Healthy gums are a light or coral shade of pink. When plaque bacteria isn’t removed by regular brushing or flossing, it can irritate your gums, leaving them red and swollen. Brushing twice daily with parodontax™ Complete Protection helps eliminate plaque and keep your gums healthy.

7. Helps to Stop and Prevent Bleeding Gums

Healthy gums don’t bleed. Bleeding from your gums when you brush or floss can be caused by a buildup of plaque bacteria along your gum line. With regular brushing, parodontax™ Complete Protection is 3x more effective at removing plaque bacteria, helping to prevent bleeding gums.*

8. 3x More Effective at Removing Plaque

To help keep gums healthy, parodontax™ Complete Protection toothpaste uses a stannous fluoride formulation that is 3x more effective at removing plaque than a regular toothpaste.*


*compared to a sodium monofluorophosphate toothpaste after a professional cleaning and regular brushing
**vs. a non-antigingivitis toothpaste

Why Choose Parodontax™ Complete Protection?

Brushing twice daily with parodontax™ Complete Protection toothpaste means that you don’t have to choose between taking care of your teeth or your gums – you can do both at the same time. 

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